iPhone 5 & Older iPads will not work from today, Know more

iPhone 5 & Older iPads will not work from today, Know more

Apple had on its support page in the past warned users that if they have older iPhones or iPads, they should update their device to iOS 10.3.4 version. Today i.e. November 3 UTC from 12:00 am (5:30 am in India) if the old iPhones or iPads do not update in this version, then the App Store, iCloud will not work on their devices. Recently, the company had asked to update the iPhone 5 and older devices.

Apple said in its statement ‘iPhone 5 users will need to update their device iOS before 12:00 am UTC of 3 November 2019. The reason for this is to roll out the accurate GPS location for the device, so that users can get the right time and date. Due to the correct GPS location, users will have no problem browsing the App Store, iClous, e-mail and web. ‘

iPhone 5 users need to update their device with iOS 10.3.4 version, only then they will be able to access services like App Store, iClous. The GPS time rollover was released on 6 April 2019 for other GPS enabled devices. This rollover was not released only for iPhone 5 and older devices. If a user does not install the updates in their phone before the given time on November 3, then they will be able to update their device through iMac.

How to download?

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iPhone 5 users will first tap on the Settings option to update their device. After this, we will go to the General option and tap on the option there. As soon as tapping on the device, the device will check for new updates and the user will get the update of iOS 10.3.4 version. If a user wants to update their device after the appointed time, then they will be able to download this version in their iMac and install it on their device.

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